Hilarious Garden Furniture with Birds On (not Hen Harriers)

A set of garden furniture with a bird on it
The offending photo that inspired this post.

So the hilarious photo above shows that seagulls will sometimes dine formally!

However part of me thinks that set of furniture wouldn’t last long by the seaside. It’s clearly made from wood, which is notorious for degrading and warping under normal weather conditions, let alone the salty sea air and torrential downpours that you get by the seaside.

Choosing my weatherproof garden furniture

I mention this because I have been hunting for weatherproof garden furniture for a while, some that would take the strain of daily use and the wear of the elements on the UK coast.

After doing my research, I realised the main two options for this type of furniture were:

  1. Winawood – a composite, wood effect style of furniture made from compressed plastics.

  2. Rattan – UV stabilized synthetic weaves, with aluminium frames.

Which to choose? Well I haven’t fully decided yet, however I have tried the latter out at my local garden centre and I definitely found it comfortable, however it tends to be much more expensive than the Winawood range, perhaps because of the complex materials and the cushions it comes with.

The pros and cons?

Well for comfort it has to be rattan, with the cushions and natural giving element of the furniture making for a very enjoyable experience.

However the practical choice would definitely be this wood-effect stuff, as it looks very traditional, it is cheaper, and it also feels like wood which I like.

All in all it’s a tricky choice, I can’t really decide, however a cheeky garden furniture sale might swing my mind either way!

The site I was looking at for the composite stuff was Winawoodfurniture.co.uk, and gardencentreshopping.co.uk for the rattan furniture.

You can always contact me for more information.


I love birds and the outdoors, and will do anything to preserve our environment.